January 2018 Issue

MedicinMan January 2018 4.5 MiB

Inside this Issue

1. Digital Marketing is all about Intent, Content, Strategy and Skills  by  Salil Kallianpur

DigiStorm 2017 report

2. How to Create a Winning Sales Organisation 2017 by K. Hariram

Conference keynote address 

3. Author’s Corner: Interview with Kamalesh Subramanian by MedicinMan

MedicinMan brings you the man behind the innovative “management fiction” book

4. Book Review: Decoding a Brand Manager’s Success  by Anup Soans

Straight-talk with young and experienced brand managers to help navigate the corporate maze of brand management

5. AIOCD Market Highlights  by Ameesh Masurekar

Market highlights for the month of January 2018

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About Anup Soans

Anup Soans is the Founder-Editor of MedicinMan. He is a Learning and Development Facilitator and Consultant to pharma companies. He is the author of two industry bestselling books.