DigiStorm 2018: Intent, Content, Strategy and Skills

The pharma industry in India is entering a very interesting variant of the post-digital marketing era. The term “post-digital marketing” is used to depict a state where the lines between physical and digital blur considerably for a customer. However, in the context of pharma, this means a state where the industry has stopped questioning the need for digital and has begun to implement very interesting digital marketing initiatives.

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August 2018 Issue

Inside this Issue 1. The ‘Amazonization’ of Healthcare by Salil Kallianpur Amazon’s drive to put the consumer at the center of their market strategy could very well topple well-established incumbents in healthcare. 2. Quality – A Key Issue at OPPI, IPA and IDMA Joint Summit by Vivek Hattangadi Vivek Hattangadi reports on the…

June 2018 Issue

Inside this Issue 1. Conference Notes: Pharma Marketing in the New Age 2018 by K. Hariram Our Chief Mentor, K. Hariram, presents his key takeaways from “Pharmaceutical Marketing in the New Age 2018” 2. ACG-MedicinMan Lifetime Achievement Award interview by MedicinMan Interview with 2018 awardee, Prof. Vivek Hattangadi 3. Pharmacology Refresher: Drugs Targeting the…