July 2017 Issue

MedicinMan July 2017 1.8 MiB

Inside this Issue

1. Is Indian Pharma GST-Ready? interview with Sunil Attavar
The state of Indian Pharma’s readiness for the GST regime

2. The Truth About Doctors: Executive Summary by McCann Health
The Truth About Doctors, is a new global study conducted by McCann Health, in partnership with McCann Truth Central. This landmark study surveyed nearly 2,000 doctors in 16 markets

3. Leadership Begins with Self-Awareness by K. Hariram
To become the leader that you want to be, first become aware about the kind of leader you are

4. In Brand Positioning, Focus is Key to Success by Vivek Hattangadi
Too broad a focus when positioning your brand may broaden its reach, but dilute its effectiveness

5. News from Around the Web by MedicinMan

About Anup Soans

Anup Soans is the Founder-Editor of MedicinMan. He is a Learning and Development Facilitator and Consultant to pharma companies. He is the author of two industry bestselling books.