Editor’s Corner

Anup Soans, Editor

Anup is the Founder-Editor and Publisher of MedicinMan, which he launched in August 2011.

Anup began his career as a medical representative and worked as an oncology product specialist and front-line manager. He moved into CME and medico-marketing at IJCP Publications where he rose to the the position of Executive Director and COO.

Having discovered his passion for learning and development, he took a sabbatical and wrote 2 books for pharma front-line professionals: HardKnocks for the GreenHorn and SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager.

Anup launched MedicinMan as a learning and development forum for pharma frontline professionals and to facilitate a regular exchange of ideas and solutions to challenges faced by the field force.

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 anupsoans@medicinman.net    +91-96-8680-2244