Author Guidelines

MedicinMan invites contributions on topics related to Field Force Excellence in healthcare sales and marketing. Read previous issues of MedicinMan to get an idea about acceptable topics or write in to our Editor (

General guidelines for submission are given below.

1. Articles must preferably be between 600-800 words in length. Maximum word limit is 1200 for a feature length article.

2. Articles must be received by the Editor by the 25th of the month preceding the month of publication.

3. Articles must be original and not published elsewhere. Previously published articles may also be submitted for consideration; the author must mention the previous publication of the article and include a link to the same. Onus of ensuring that no copyrights are violated rests with the author.

4. Articles found to be plagiarized in any form and to any extent will be summarily dismissed. Make sure to include references should you quote another article.

5. Authors are encouraged to include pictures, graphs and tables if it enhances the narrative.

6. Articles must not be biased to any company, product or service. Articles found to be blatantly self-promotional may be rejected.

7. Articles submitted should be substantial in terms of new ideas and insights into issues faced by the field force. Articles found to have too many rehashed ideas or irrelevant points, may be rejected.

8. Authors may submit a short bio (25 words max) along with their email ID, social media handles and a clear photo for publication.

9. MedicinMan reserves the right to accept or reject an article after due editorial review.

10. Finally, keep in mind: you must value the time of your readers! Ask yourself while writing: “is this sentence or paragraph telling my readers something they don’t already know or reminding them of something important?” When in doubt, cut it out!