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Our Story

MedicinMan was launched in 2011 as India’s 1st Magazine dedicated to the cause of Field Force Excellence in Pharma and Devices.

MedicinMan was started by Anup Soans, who began his career as a Medical Representative and Oncology Product Specialist and rose to the position of CEO at a company specialising in CME and scientific communications.

1. Missing Resources

Realising that the field force sorely lacked resources for self-directed learning and development that would lead to career progression, Anup took a sabbatical and wrote two books for frontline professionals that have become industry bestsellers – HardKnocks for the GreenHorn and SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager.

2. Bridging the Gap

Anup then launched MedicinMan as an open access and freely shareable monthly magazine for field sales learning and development. The aim is to connect seasoned professionals who rose through the ranks with young professionals entering the field, enabling them to grow professionally and infusing the ecosystem with motivated and better skilled professionals.

3. Growing a Community

Five years and sixty issues later (as of August 2016), MedicinMan has grown into a community of pharma professionals — right from Medical Reps and Frontline Managers, to C-Suite executives — who are passionate about making field sales work meaningful while driving customer satisfaction and business profitability.

What We Do

Field Force Excellence Magazine
MedicinMan is published every month as a mobile-reader friendly PDF. We also publish thought leadership and market intelligence articles as stand-alone pieces on the website. Subscribe to MedicinMan via email to stay up-to-date with us.

Topics covered in the monthly magazine include pharma selling skills, communication skills, frontline management, leadership skills, objection handling, product management, pharma marketing, talent hiring, employee engagement, impact of changing regulations, rise of digital, current issues and more. A big hit is the Success Story feature, where we profile a CEO or other senior professional, who started his career in field sales.

Largely, our contributors are actively employed in the pharma and healthcare industry at all levels and functions (see our author guidelines if you would like to contribute). Writing proficiency is no bar as long as our authors have something to say that others need to hear!

Thought Leadership Conferences
MedicinMan hosts two annual conferences that have become landmark events in pharma. Field Force Excellence conference + CEO Roundtable brings together industry leaders to deliberate on the most pressing issues confronting the field force. BrandStorm is the annual event and workshop for pharma brand managers featuring, among others, case studies of industry leading brands.

Learn more about the conferences here and here.

Mobile Learning
Mobile offers the possibility of making learning continuous, relevant and measurable. With this in mind, MedicinMan launched the MedicinMan app for Android and iOS. The app is free to download and use and features articles relevant to pharma field sales.

Download the app.

Where We’re Going

At MedicinMan we are committed to positively impacting the healthcare ecosystem by developing one of its key components – the field force. To this end, we have three areas of focus:

1. Advocacy and Thought Leadership

Since we started back in 2011, we have constantly pushed the boundaries of what we believe should be the role of the field force in creating value for doctors and patients. We are constantly imagining what the Field Force of the Future might look like, and looking for ways in which we can have a positive impact on its shape.

For an industry buffeted by the winds of change brought on by a shifting regulatory regime, squeezing of old sales and marketing channels and hyper-commoditisation of treatment options, MedicinMan offers a safe haven for industry professionals to think of bold new ways of doing business.

2. Technology and Scale

Our mission is to reach out to as many pharma professionals as possible, offering resources for personal and professional growth. We also believe that learning should be continuous, relevant and measurable.

We are working towards this goal by leveraging technology, particularly mobile, and to this end we launched the MedicinMan app for Android and iOS in 2016. We will be soon be offering micro-learning modules of relevant subjects that can be accessed and consumed on-the-go. Keep watching this space!

3. Moving Across the Value Chain

Our present work with the industry has given us unique insights into the challenges faced at various links along the pharma sales and marketing value chain, from hiring the right talent to targeting the right customers. Moreover our extensive network within the industry makes us uniquely placed to identify solutions and solvers and match them to the right problems. MedicinMan will offer a bouquet of services to enable pharma companies to survive and thrive by delivering value to their customers – both external and internal.

Does our work and mission excite you? Connect with us to see how you can become a partner.