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December 2016 Issue

The last issue of 2016, with articles from K. Hariram and Vivek Hattangadi and new authors, Dr. Ashwin Bonde and Diksha Fouzdar. Diksha’s article is the highlight of this issue – an in-depth look at how to embed compliance in the very DNA of a pharma company.

November 2016 Issue

K. Hariram reports on the OPPI 50th Annual General Meeting held in Mumbai on October 21. The report also features photos from the conference. Other topics covered include the role of emotions in pharma marketing, the importance in preparing much before-hand for the next level of your pharma career and the concept of the “tipping point” and its relevance for pharma marketing.

IMS Health Market Reflection Report for September 2016

The Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) was valued at Rs. 10,278 crs in the month of September 2016 clocking a strong 10% growth over same period last year (SPLY). On a MAT September basis, the industry was valued at Rs. 111,022 crores and reflected a 13% growth with volumes contributing around 40% of this growth and New Introductions playing an important role with around 38% contribution to the overall growth.

October 2016 Issue

The October 2016 Issue of MedicinMan features articles by K. Hariram, Vivek Hattangadi, Anup Soans and has a special focus on ethics and morals in the healthcare profession. Other topics covered include new product launches, the role of emotions in pharma sales and sales coaching.

September 2016 Issue

The September 2016 Issue of MedicinMan features articles by Vivek Hattangadi, K. Hariram, Preeti Mohile, Mrudul Kansara and Chandan Kumar on topics such as The Entrepreneurial Mindset for Pharma Sales Professionals, Rural Marketing Challenges and Opportunities, the #Finding60InIndia Campaign to identify Progeria sufferers and more.