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May 2018 Issue

Inside this Issue 1. Conference Report: Pharma Marketing in the New Age 2018 Our Executive Editor, Salil Kallianpur, takes you through the big ideas discussed at our conference (in partnership with ACG) “Pharmaceutical Marketing in the New Age 2018” 2. Photo Montage: Pharmaceutical Marketing in the New Age 2018 3. Mindfulness and the…

April 2018 Issue

Special interview with the Chairman of ACG and an invitation to “Pharmaceutical Marketing in the New Age” – a conference presented by ACG in partnership with MedicinMan

Creating A Winning Sales Organisation – Workshop Announcement

MedicinMan catches up with Deep Bhandari – Advisor at UCB where he supports the UCB leadership team on strategic projects, to develop, build and strengthen organisational capabilities. Deep has been a regular faculty at MedicinMan events and is the workshop leader at MedicinMan‘s upcoming workshop: “Creating a Winning Sales Organisation“ on December 20, 2017 at the Courtyard by…