Indian Pharma Market Highlights for Oct 2018

Indian Pharma Market highlights for the month of October 2018, brought to you by AIOCD Pharma Softech Awacs.

The Indian Pharma Market (IPM) is back to double digit growth of 12.2%, compared to single digit growth in August and September, 2018.

Except Pain/Analgesics at 8.8%, all therapies posted double digit growth.

Respiratory segment grew at 14.7% followed by Anti-infective at 13.6%.

In the Chronic therapies, Anti-Diabetics and Cardiac segments have posted 17.4% and 14% growth respectively. The CNS/ Neuro segments also picked up growth at 10.3%.

Growth Drivers (GD) of volumes were 4.3%, price increase was 5% and New Introductions (NI) was 2.9%.

Indian versus MNC companies

  • Indian companies grew at 12.9% while the MNC grew at 9.1%.
  • In the top 60, Boehringer Ingelheim grew the fastest at 48.4% followed by Bayer Zydus at 33.3% in MNCs and in domestic companies, IPCA grew at 37.2% and Corona at 31.9%.
  • In the Non-NLEM category domestic companies grew at 13.2 % whereas MNCs grew at 10.5%
  • In the NLEM category, domestic companies grew at 9.5 % and MNCs grew at 0.9%.

Impact of FDC

  • FDC market showed a negative growth of 32%, while Non-FDC market showed a growth of 12.8%. Single molecules grew at 12.1%.
  • Price growth of FDC markets were 2.9%, volumes degrew at (-35%) and new FDCs had zero growth.

NLEM,  Non NLEM & Non-Scheduled Para 19 Market:

  • The molecules/combinations under NLEM grew at 7.4% whereas the molecules not under the NLEM grew at 12.7%.


  • In the top 50 ranked companies, 47 companies posted a positive growth.
  • In the top 10 ranked companies, Mankind had the highest growth of 17.9% followed by Intas at 17.4% and Lupin at 16%.
  • In the top 11 to 20 ranked companies, IPCA posted the highest growth of 37.2% followed by USV at 19.2% and Pfizer at 14.6%.
  • In the top 21 to 30 ranked companies, Cadila HC posted the highest growth of 23.8% followed by Alembic at 16.4% and Indoco at 10.7%.
  • In the top 31 to 40 ranked companies, Medley posted the highest growth of 21.6% followed by AstraZencea at 20.3% and Franco at 19.8%.
  • In the top 41 to 50 ranked companies, Boehringer Ingelheim posted the highest growth of 48.4% followed by Bayer Zydus at 33.3% and Corona at 31.9%.
  • In the top 51 to 60 ranked companies, Troikaa posted the highest growth of 36.1%, followed by Biocon at 25.5% and Fresenius Kabi at 20.5%.
  • In the top 61 to 70 ranked companies, Eli Lilly posted the highest growth of 65.1%, followed by Danone 25.9% and RPG at 22.9%.
  • In the top 71 to 80 ranked companies, Veritaz posted the highest growth of 30.9%, followed by Serdia at 23% and Samarth at 18.9%.
  • In the top 81 to 90 ranked companies, Piramal HC posted the highest growth of 22.8%, followed by Walter Bushnell at 20.4% and British Biological at 13.7%.
  • In the top 91 to 100 ranked companies, Curatio posted the highest growth of 24% followed by Merck Consumer at 18.6% and Unison at 14.5%.
  • In the top 101 to 150 ranked companies, the fastest growing were Deys Medical, Ferring, MSN, Gufic, Reckitt Benckiser, Finecure, Linux, Gland, Entod, Reliance LS, Leben, KLM, Celon, Brinton, Morepen, Indiabulls, Vanguard and Alniche LS.


  • All therapies except vaccines posted positive growth.
  • Anti-infectives posted a double digit growth of 13.1% after six consecutive months of single digit growth; Respiratory segment grew at 14.7%.
  • Vitamins/Minerals/ Nutrients grew at 12.6%; Gastro-Intestinal therapy grew at 9.9%.
  • In the top 10 therapies, Pain/Analgesics is only therapy posting single digit growth of 8.8%.
  • In the Chronic therapies, Anti-Diabetics and Cardiac segments have posted 17.4% and 14% growth respectively. CNS/ Neuro grew at 10.3%.
  • Derma grew at 11.6% and Gynecology grew at 12.6%.

 Regional Dynamics

  • All 31 regions posted positive growth in Oct 2018 against 27 regions Sept 2018.
  • 25 regions posted better growth compared to Sept 2018.
  • South Gujarat posted the highest growth of 26.4% followed by Madhya Pradesh at 24.2% and Saurashtra 21.4%.


  • Amoxycillin + Clavulanic Acid showed a recovery in last two months growing at 17.8%. Glimepiride + Metformin also showed a double digit growth.
  • Amoxycillin + Clavulanic Acid is pegged at 206 Crs and Glimepiride + Metformin is at 192.1 Crs.
  • Paracetamol plain market grew faster at 20.1% and is valued at 1003.9 Crs on MAT basis; Pantoprazole is back to growth at 5.3% against previous month where it was degrew.
  • Itraconazole is valued at 850.5 Crs growing at 49.6% on MAT basis. Luliconazole is valued at 365.9 Crs growing at 79.6%.  Amorolfine & Amisulpride crossed the 100 Cr mark and are valued at 101.1 Crs and 100.2 Crs respectively on MAT basis.
  • Gliptins market are valued at 3070.5 Crs on MAT basis ans Teneligliptin and its combination market is valued at 804.1 Crs
  • Voglibose + Metformin + Glimepiride is worth 657.4Crs growing at 16.9% on MAT basis; Telmisartan and its combinations are valued at 2698.1 Crs on MAT basis.

Top Brands

  • Mixtard has registered a monthly sales of 46 Crs, followed by Glycomet GP at 42 Crs, Lantus at 41 Crs, Janumet at 38 Crs, Liv 52 at 35 Crs, Augmentin 37 Crs, Clavam at 36 Crs ,Galvus Met at 30 Crs, and Thyronorm and Duphaston at 29 Crs.
  • In the top 50, brands which have gained ranks are Jardiance ( +49), Udiliv (+25), Budecort (+24), Thyronorm (+16), Levipil (+12), Telma (+10), Duolin (+10), Orofer-XT (+10), Shelcal (+8), Duphaston (+7), Becosules (+7), Dexorange (+4), Gluconorm-G (+4), Telma H (+4).

Recent New Launch Molecule Performance

  • There are 72 brands in the Luliconazole market, valued at 365.9 Crs on MAT basis of which Lulifin (Sun) is at 105 Crs followed by Lulican (Glenmark) at 38 Crs; There are 162 brands in Itraconazole market, valued at 850.5 Crs lead by IT-Mac (Macleods) & Candiforce (Mankind ) at 108 Crs.
  • With 3 brands, Sacubitril + Valsartan market is valued at 114.5 Crs, led by Vymada (Novartis) at 59 Crs, Cidmus (Lupin) at 35 Crs and Azmarda (Cipla) at 21 Crs.
  • Azilsartan and combinations market is valued at 78.2 Crs led by Abel (Lupin) at 8 Crs and Zilarbi (Emcure) and Aztric (Intas) at 7 Crs each, 55 brands have been launched in this market.
  • 14 brands launched in Mirabegron market and is valued at 24.1 Crs led by Bladmir (Alembic) at 6 Crs.

New Product Launch in Oct 2018

  • 199 brands were launched in Oct 2018.

New Companies launched in last 36 months

  • 12 companies were launched, of which 2 have crossed 10 Crs in revenue.

Top 150 companies in the Indian Pharma Market


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