March 2017 Issue

MedicinMan March 2017 2.0 MiB

Inside this Issue

1. Pharma Success Story: Medical Rep to Country Manager by Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma shares his story of finding success in Pharma and what it took him to get there.

2. Year-end Performance Reviews: Retrospective or Prospective? by K. Hariram
As the financial year comes to a close and performance reviews are around the bend, how should this important exercise be conducted? 

3. The Five Drivers of Brand Equity by Vivek Hattangadi
A clear formula to audit and increase the perception and recall of your brand in the Doctor’s mind.

4. Case Study: Moving to a Competency-based HR System in Pharma by Diksha Fouzdar
In the wake of an acquisition and FDA warning, a large pharma company decided to completely overhaul its existing HR systems – here is the process and outcome.


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