July 2016 Issue

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MedicinMan July 2016 2.3 MiB

Inside this Issue

1. Five Disruptive Forces that are Shaking Up Pharma! by Piyush Agarwal
A curtain raiser on a few disruptions that will permanently alter the pharma marketing landscape in the near future.

2. The Dangers of Labelling Your Sales Team Members and Having a Closed Mindset by K. Hariram
It is easy to label your sales team members as inept but it closes the doors to improvement and progress.

3. 5 Leadership Lessons for Frontline Managers: Building an E2 Team by Vivek Hattangadi
How the pharma frontline manager can develop a high-performance team by fostering Empathy and Excellence in the team.

4. How to Hire a Future-Ready Field Force by Anjali Sharma and Chandan Kumar
As the pharma industry undergoes rapid change, the job roles and job descriptions of the sales force will also change. Hiring Managers need to keep this in mind.

5. Handling Sales Rejections Professionally by RB Balakrishna
How to handle sales rejections as a business problem to be solved rather than a personal affront.

6. Deciding on a Business Expansion Strategy by Weighing the Risks and Gains by Pankaj Mehrotra
An introduction to the use of the Ansoff Matrix to weigh the risks and the benefits of pursuing a particular growth strategy.


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